T.R.G.M. Holy Ghost Headquarters, Inc.
"A Family Touching The Hearts Of A Family"

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About TRGM

About TRGM Holy Ghost Headquarters, Inc.


Our mission is to break the chains of bondage through truth. Walking in truth to empower people to be saved and restored to a place in God that no one can remove them; To restore the unloved to love again. Our mission is to spread the word of God and win the lost souls for the kingdom of God.


Our purpose is to restore the leaders, abused, wounded, broken, rejected and forgotten souls, to build all through the word of God, to teach the lost through the word of God how to live beyond self and man, to teach the people how to live holy in every area in their lives. 


TRGM has a vision that was birthed for the end-time to help the lost that has had a form of God denying the power there of and to help them with the truth. We as people perish for the lack of knowledge and TRGM is to teach the truth about God. We have come to untwist the truth, because the truth has been twisted by false teaching. We have a vision to heal the broken-hearted, heal the sick, preach the gospel truth and teach the word of God and to carry the word of God around the globe. We have been sent by God to help rejected whether they are rejected by church, family, society, and friends or even by self. We walk by Luke 4:18-19 on a daily basis. Apostle Mary L. Baker-McMiller walk in all five-fold ministry gifts (The five-fold ministries consist of Apostle which is one sent by God, Pastor which is one who Sheppard’s and oversees the flock, Evangelist which is one that goes into the hedges and highways to compel them to come, Prophet which is one that voice the voice of God, and Teacher which is one that reaches the people). We have the vision to have a bible college, Recreational Center for the Youth, Bookstore, Learning Center, School of the Prophets which is now in existence, training center for Christians, marriage ministries, single ministries, child care center and much more. We pray that you keep us lifted in prayer before the Father to help this vision to come to pass.