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Customer Testimonials

Let the Leaders Live is a raw truth that is needed for the body of Christ. The transparency of the text takes you to a place of deliverance and total freedom. There are many spiritual nuggets that I have gleaned from this book and teach in my own church to our leadership staff. It’s a must have in your library.

Apostle AMBell, St. Louis Mo

Let the Leader's Live is truly a must have book for ANYONE who is in any form of leadership. Whether it's Kingdom or secular this book has insightful wisdom that will assist you to be successful. Also this book has true life stories that will instill lifetime lessons. There have even been some times when we dedicated a whole bible study to one of the chapters....one of my personal faves, "My Past is my Past...so Stay out of it". Make sure you get a copy for not only yourself but to anyone who is a leader or is training to be a leader...this will be a guiding light.

Elder Janet N. Love, Tallahassee, FL

Let the Leaders Live is real talk that can be applied to every day life. I am reading it again as a refresher this book brings God right to you. Amen Amen

Lee Lopez, Stanford, FL

Let the Leaders Live, These Dry Bones Shall Live is an awesome book and I give it 5 stars. Apostle Mary McMiller really broke down many golden nuggets for kingdom leaders! Page 25 states God is looking for Nehemiah's in the body of Christ thats willing to walk out and be of spiritual things and not be weak.-- Leaders purchase a copy today. 

Timiko, Hainescity, FL