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Dr. Mary L. Baker-McMiller

 Dr. Mary L. Baker-McMiller, formally known as (Brinson), was born in Cleveland, Ohio to the late Mrs. Barbara Johnson (mother) & Mr. Thomas Young (father). Dr. McMiller has 5 children, 7 grandchildren that she loves dearly. She is married to Overseer Dr. Kendrick J.  McMiller. She is the Founder/Presiding Prelate of T.R.G.M. Holy Ghost Headquarters, Inc., located in Tallahassee, Florida. Dr.  McMiller covers many churches & ministries nationwide. Dr. McMiller is know for preaching holiness and walking in deliverance and healing. Her mandate through the power of Holy Spirit, is to help leaders and lead the Body of Christ to salvation, deliverance, healing and restoration through the Word and holiness teaching and preaching; allowing them to be made whole for the advancing of the Kingdom of God. She walks heavily as a Spiritual Warfare Preacher/Teacher that does not allow obstacles to get in her way. Dr. McMiller is a humble servant of God and has faithfully served in every area of ministry. She has a strong background from Baptist to COGIC. 

Dr. McMiller has a powerful personal testimony as an overcomer that will help women, men, children and leaders be free. In "2005", God placed in her spirit to birth a ministry to help women overcome from low self-esteem, poverty, homelessness, wounds, and abuse.  WOTIM was birthed in 2005 and in 2007 was changed to WOCIM, when she heard the voice of God say to start the Women’s Organization. She walks in the Office of a Prophet, with Holy boldness and stands for the Word of truth. Dr. McMiller is often referred to as two women in the Bible by God and others; The Shunamite Woman and a Proverbs 31 Woman. There are many old school revivalist they she has been named after such as Kathryn Kuhlman and AA Allen. Dr. McMiller is the author and publisher of several books, which one is her life story; “Remembering the Time- He Saved Me”, “Let the Leaders Live- These Dry Bones Shall Live”, “It Ain’t Easy Being “THE” Elect Lady”, “Leading & Bleeding Leaders, Be Ye Healed”, “You’re an Eagle, Now Soar”, “Kingdom Daily Bread”, “Hurt People, Hurt People Greater (I’ve been Defibrillated to love again)”, “Weapons of Our Warfare- Don’t Be Carnal, we are in a war and “Whore’s Behind the Pulpit”. 

In 2009, God released her to go further in ministry and placed a deep love on the inside of her that caused her to birth many spiritual sons and daughters in the Gospel, as well as mentor to many daughters and sons. She has appeared on Trinity Broadcast Network (TBN), ministered on the Preach the Word Network and various other television networks, as well as several radio stations. In 2007, God gave Dr. McMiller the vision to make anointing oils and more, An Essynce for His Glory was birthed; creating more than 750 anointing oils, hair care products and more (www.anessynceforhisglory.org), created by her through the Holy Spirit.  Dr. McMiller is a well-known entrepreneur in areas of starting businesses, publishing, Graphic design, photography, web design, stylist, wedding/event planning and more. 

Dr. McMiller has received an Honorary Doctorate Degree in Humanitarian Missions in 2008, and in 2017, she earned her Doctorate Degree in Theology from Clarity International Christian University. Dr. McMiller has received numerous worldwide certificates, awards and honorable mentions from all over the world because of souls being won, community outreach, preaching, women events, seminars, leadership and much more. Because of her humility, integrity, character, uniqueness and obedience, God has given her a vision that has made a difference in many lives by, helping to thrust them to their next level in the Kingdom. Dr. McMiller is the Founder/President of New Birth Bible College which was started in 2007. It began as a faith-based training program before it was a bible college. Soon Dr. McMiller will start a Transitional Housing Program (He Turned It Transitional Housing) for Men, Women and children in general to provide various services in the community. She is the CEO-President of Let the Leaders Live Crusade to restore leadership in their rightful place and much more. Dr. McMiller walks with heavy spiritual and biblical revelation from God and she loves God and serving him, Dr. McMiller loves to tell everyone; “to let the work that she has done speak for her and let the glory of God be her light for all.”

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